Wa-Full Unique Black Beauty

2008 ASPC/AMHR Black Mare

2020-09-05 11.56.14.jpg

Lee Land Unique x Wa-Full Crescent Jennette T

Beauty is even more stunning in person then what is captured in photos.  She brings refinement, a gorgeous head, and amazing bloodlines into the herd.

Beauty had a sweet and amazing filly by Marystown Prince Charming in 2021.  She has been confirmed in foal to Wa-Full Red Hot Rock for 2022.  This is a first time cross and I could not be more excited!  

Thank you Jill for another great mare! 

Beauty's Produce:

Causin Havoc - 2015 Bay Stallion

*Comfert's Night Rhythm - 2018 ASPC/AMHR Black Sabino Filly

*Comfert's Sh-Mazing - 2019 ASPC/AMHR Bay Filly

*SP Prince's High Class - 2021 ASPC/AMHR Bay Filly

*Pictured above.

Flyin Gs Elegance Of MRA

2016 ASPC/AMHR/PtHA Bay Pinto Mare


Mo Breaking News EDV x CLC Baile Del Sol

Elegance is one of those once in a life time horses.  She is simply outstanding in all ways - inside and out.  Elegance has shown successfully at Nationals and Congress since she was a weanling.  In 2021 she made her way back into the show ring taking many top honors at local AMHR and PtHA shows as well as earning several Top 10 placings at Congress.

2016 Nationals - Top 5

2017 Congress - 2x Top 10

2017 Nationals - Top 10

2021 Congress - 2x Top 5

2021 - PtHA Register of Merit - Amateur Halter

Elegance has been confirmed in foal to Wa-Full Red Hot Rock E for 2022.  This foal is bound to be a looker!

Thank you Joey and Rick for allowing me the opportunity to acquire such a wonderful mare! 

Elegance's Produce:

*MRA's Mo's Elegant Reflection - 2019 ASPC/AMHR Black Filly

*Pictured above.

MKK China Doll - Sale Pending!

2007 ASPC/AMHR Silver Black Pinto Mare

2020-09-05 11.57.59.jpg

JJs Painted Cody x Showman's Hellaynia

China is a beautiful mare with a great build, incredibly clean throat latch, a pretty mover, and sweet to boot.  She was shown in her younger years and carries points in halter as well as two grand champion wins.  

China has had two wonderful foals for me: an amazing black filly by Red in 2019 and a flashy buckskin pinto colt by Marystown Prince Charming in 2021.

China's Produce:

Longman's Legacy Hollywood - 2010 AMHR Silver Black Mare

Longman's Thor - 2011 ASPC/AMHR Dun Pinto Gelding

*Longman's Legacy Tallahassee - 2012 ASPC/AMHR Bay Pinto Mare

*Longman's Legacy Houston - 2014 ASPC/AMHR Black Stallion

Longman's Legacy Charlotte - 2015 ASPC/AMHR Grey Mare

Longman's Supreme Showpiece - 2016 ASPC/AMHR Bay Mare

*SP Red's Fine A Lee - 2019 ASPC/AMHR Black Filly

*SP Bold Prince - 2021 ASPC/AMHR Buckskin Pinto Colt

*Pictured above.

Comferts Just Before Dawn

2016 ASPC/AMHR Buckskin Mare

2020-11-07 15.07.38-1.jpg

Cheg Kim's Sh-Boom x Wa-Full Dawn D

May is a gorgeous young mare with some great bloodlines behind her.  I had the privilege to watch her show as a yearling and loved her then so when the opportunity to purchase her came about I just had to bring her home. 

2017 Congress - Top 10

May had a beautiful smutty buckskin filly for her previous owner in 2020.  She has been confirmed in foal to Red for 2022.  This is a very exciting first time cross!  

Thank you Taylor for allowing May to join my small herd.  

May's Produce:

* - 2020 Buckskin Filly

*Pictured Above

Showman's Scarlett Diva

2001 ASPC/AMHR Sorrel Mare

2017-08-16 20.04.25.jpg

Captain Showman x Cinderella Lou-Ed

Diva is just that and an own daughter of Captain Showman.  Not only that but she's a beautiful mover, incredibly refined, and has that gorgeous head with her big eyes and tippy ears.  An all around true asset!

Diva has produced two lovely fillies for me, both of which are being retained.  The first in 2019 by I Got The Moves Like Jagger and the second in 2021 by JC's Rambo.   Check them out on the Mares and Jr Mares pages!

Thank you Julie for a great opportunity! 

Diva's Produce:

Q.P. Doll's Caprice Of Texana - 2006 ASPC/AMHR Sorrel Mare

QP Doll's Ricardo Mystery Of Texana - 2011 ASPC/AMHR Sorrel Stallion

*Bar Z's Crimson & Clover - 2017 ASPC/AMHR Sorrel Mare

*SP Jagger's Start Me Up - 2019 ASPC/AMHR Bay Pinto Mare

*SP Rambo's Dynamic Diva - 2021 ASPC/AMHR Bay Pinto Filly

*Pictured Above

Wa-Full Champagne's Lil Corker

1999 ASPC/AMHR Silver Smokey Black Mare

2020-08-21 11.51.25-1.jpg

Captain Jim's Crescent King x Wa-Full Caps Golden Champagne

Corker has been a solid foundation of my ASPC/AMHR herd.  She has those great foundation bloodlines that have been tried and true.  Her foals have looks, brains, and excel in and out of the ring.  

Corker foaled a buckskin colt by Marystown Prince Charming in 2021.  He is just as nice as I knew he would be!

Another great mare Wa-Full mare!  

Corker's Produce:

Showman's Champagne Princess - 2002 ASPC Chestnut Pinto Mare

*Curry's Numero Uno - 2006 ASPC/AMHR Palomino Stallion

*Curry's Calendar Girl - 2007 ASPC/AMHR Palomino Mare

*Curry's Midas Tough - 2008 ASPC/AMHR Palomino Stallion

*LMJ Say What - 2009 ASPC/AMHR Silver Black Pinto Gelding

*2010 ASPC/AMHR Chestnut Filly - Deceased

*Comfert's Boogie On Down - 2012 ASPC Silver Buckskin Gelding

*SP Dressed WithA Splash Of Elegance - 2014 AMHR Silver Black Pinto Mare

*SP Supremely Unique - 2015 ASPC/AMHR Chestnut Pinto Gelding

*SP She's Too Hot To Handle - 2016 ASPC/AMHR Smokey Black Mare

*SP Red's Hot Gold - 2017 ASPC/AMHR Palomino Stallion

*SP Jagger's Satisfaction - 2019 ASPC/AMHR Smokey Black Mare

*SP Prince's Make It A Double  - 2021 ASPC/AMHR Buckskin Colt


*Pictured above

MooreAcres Gem'sOnJet of Sumerwell

2011 ASPC/AMHR Black Pinto Mare

2020-09-05 11.50.51-1.jpg

Sundance LB Rocket Racer x Sundance LB Gem's Ava

Gem is a beautiful, small, arenosa bred mare.  With her big bold moves, gorgeous eye, and dishy head she is a sight to behold.  She received many top placings showing in her younger years prior to becoming a treasured broodmare.  

Gem consistently produces refined and smaller foals that can move.  She produced a lovely filly by Zephyr Woods Freak A Nator in 2020 that  I have retained and am showing.  Gem has been confirmed in foal to Wa-Full Red Hot Rock E for a 4 time cross.  This pairing has been a tried and true and I look forward to another amazing foal! 

Gem's Produce:

*SP She's One Hot Jewel - 2015 ASPC/AMHR Black Pinto Mare

*SP Mr. Hot Shot - 2016 ASPC/AMHR Bay Pinto Gelding

*SP Red's Glittering Garnet - 2018 ASPC/AMHR Sorrel Mare

*SP Nator's My Fair Lady - 2020 ASPC/AMHR Bay Pinto Filly

*Pictured Above